Many tourists head to Cebu for various reasons. While the island is known for its pristine beaches and lush tropical sceneries, there's also a lot that can be said about the tourist spot's vibrant culture of hospitality. Home to some of the most exquisite hotels and restaurants in the Philippines, Cebu always has something to offer for first-time visitors and traveling locals alike.

Most recently, it welcomed the first-ever five-star casino resort in the Visayas and Mindanao regions-the NUSTAR Resort and Casino. A melting pot of opulent accommodations, gastronomic delights, and unmatched nightlife, this sophisticated integrated resort by the Cebu seaside is redefining luxury leisure. Learn more about the gem ahead as we break down everything you can expect on your next NUSTAR staycation!

What to Expect at NUSTAR Resort and Casino in Cebu

Upon stepping into NUSTAR Resort and Casino, guests will be greeted by a thrilling entertainment landscape. The resort currently houses the region's largest gaming floor with over 1,500 state-of-the-art slot machines and 250 tables. Of course, the experience wouldn't be complete without live music performances and a gourmet bar.

Casino aside, NUSTAR also opened a new mall to cater to certified foodies and fashion lovers. Boasting a wide range of fine restaurants and luxury fashion stores, NUSTAR's mall is guaranteed to h have something that hits the spot. It even has a VIP cinema to complete your night out!

Even if you're just looking for a pamper sesh away from home, NUSTAR can satisfy your wellness needs. A quick trip to the resort's spa will treat you to an impressive array of soothing massages and revitalizing treatments. Workout devotees can also enjoy top-of-the-line wellness facilities at the fitness center then take a quick dip in the pools to cool off.

After a long day of gaming, shopping, and eating, you can unwind at NUSTAR's Fili Hotel to experience Cebuano hospitality at its best. Beyond the impeccable service, all 379 rooms are also equipped with cozy furnishings, refined decor, and elegant bathrooms to ensure a night of unparalleled comfort. If you're willing to splurge a bit more, you can make the most out of the experience by booking a room with unobstructed views of the mountain, sea, or the city itself. Truly a haven of both luxury and comfort!

For bookings and inquiries, you may visit the official NUSTAR Resort and Casino website here.

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