NEW YORK CITY: Boeing delivered 18 of its flagship 737 MAX aircraft in October, following a two-year low the previous month due to a fuselage problem, according to data published Tuesday by the American aviation giant.

The manufacturer handed over 34 aircraft to their purchasers in October: 18 MAX jets and one military version of the medium-haul 737; and 15 wide-body aircraft including six 787 Dreamliners, six 767s and three 777 cargo planes.

Among all models combined, Boeing has delivered 405 aircraft since the start of the year, including 305 from its 737 line and 56 787s.

In late August, the company announced a slowdown in production and deliveries of the 737 due to a problem with the aircraft's rear bulkhead. It describes the issue as the result of misshapen holes drilled in a part of the fuselage that helps maintain plane pressure.

During the presentation of its quarterly results on October 25, Boeing was forced to trim its full-year forecast for deliveries of the 737 and reported a larger-than-expected loss.

It now expects 375 to 400 deliveries of 737 jets in 2023, down from the earlier projection of 400 to 450.

But it maintained its production target of 38 737s per month by the end of this year, and 50 per month by 2025-2026.

It still plans to deliver 70 to 80 787 aircraft in 2023 and to manufacture five per month instead of four, while ramping up to 10 monthly by 2025-2026.

In terms of October sales, Boeing announced total orders for 123 planes, including 111 units of the 737 MAX for US airline Southwest. There were six cancellations.

Boeing's order book at the end of October stood at 5,866 aircraft.

The manufacturer is hitting the ongoing Dubai Air Show hard, with a flurry of order announcements since Monday including a mega-contract with Emirates for 90 of Boeing's upcoming B777X wide-body aircraft and a major order from Ethiopian Airlines.

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